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21. Artist of sorts. Big believer in good art and the ordinary things.
Wanda, Episode 8 of Wandavision clutching the deed to her and Vision’s home which reads: “To grown old in. V.”
WandaVision Episode 8, Disney+

Millions of people have come together to watch WandaVision since its first episodes aired on Disney+ this past January. We were once again along for the ride of Wanda and Vision’s love- the what could have beens, the joy that will always exist, and most prominently, the stages of grief. As viewers, we grieve for and with Wanda and everything that she’s lost. My experience watching WandaVision was full of that pain for her, while also navigating grief myself as I dealt with a loss of my own.

While no one anticipated that WandaVision’s grand entrance into the world would…

Cait Malczon

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